Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Please tell me I'm not crazy.

Ok. This may seem like an odd request, but would everyone out there reading please comment if you can see the stuff about Jenna in the posts or if you at least remember me talking about Jenna before.

I'll explain later, but please, please, even if you don't comment regularly, comment now. I think I'm losing my mind, and I need to know there are people who can still remember Jenna.


  1. I remember Jenna. I asked about her and her dreams, remember?

    ...This is bad.

  2. I remember her, and I see all the posts about her, including "Jenna's Missing" and the times you mention her during lessons.

    Why do you ask? Can you not see the posts?

  3. Still remember her, still can see the posts.

  4. You mentioned Jenna in basically all of your posts (seven of ten) - hard not to remember her. Asked for advice on her insomnia and coughing.

    What's going on? Do none of your friends or professors remember her?

  5. Uh, duh. I remember her. Sorry I'm late...What's up?