Saturday, March 12, 2011


Ok sorry for leaving you guys hanging for so long I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. No one can remember Jenna.

So last Friday, as I told you guys, Jenna's mom filed a missing person report with the police because she hadn't been home in a couple of days. I went to her house later that night to talk with her mom. I went up to her room and I grabbed her diary. She hid it up in her ceiling, and I figured if the cops had searched her room they wouldn't have found it. I didn't tell her mom because I didn't really know if there was going to be anything in it, and I didn't want expose her private thoughts or whatever...I just didn't want her mom to have her diary if it wasn't important. I don't know what I was looking for in it....but I wasn't prepared for what I found.

When I got home I looked through it. At the beginning of it, everything was normal, but near the end...for about the last two months, in almost every journal entry she made, Jenna mentioned some man. She never mentions him by name, but she always referred to him as "Him". I think the capitalization there is important, it was always capitalized.  Anyway, as far as I could tell, it sounded like this guy was stalking her. She talks about seeing 'Him' outside of school, outside of her work...she even says she saw 'Him' outside my house when she was over once.

Anyways I figured "Hey! This is pretty serious stuff and I should probably take this to the police!" So the next morning I go to the police station and I tell them I have some evidence for Jenna's case, aaaaaaaaand they told me that there was no such case open. I was in the right place, I had them check with every possible spelling I could think of for her name...nothing. So I went to Jenna's house. And her mom didn't know who I was. And she said she didn't have a daughter.

And I started freaking out.

I talked to my parents. They don't remember her. I talked to all my friends. They don't remember her. I looked on Facebook - her profile page is just fucking gone. Her twitter's gone. Her old blog is gone. It's like every FUCKING trace of her has just disappeared off the goddamned face of the earth.

I've been dating her for four years. I do NOT have schizophrenia, this is NOT a fucking Beautiful Mind, she isn't my imaginary friend, she is REAL. I am not fucking crazy. I am NOT fucking crazy. I have no idea what is going on but I know that Jenna is missing, she's in danger, SOMEONE is following, and I AM going to find her.

I'm not fucking crazy.


  1. We know you aren't crazy Ian. We remember her. She's out there somewhere. And we'll find her.
    But to help us look, do you remember the website for her old blog? Or her twitter username? We can still remember her and see your posts about her, so maybe we can still see the Facebook profile, twitter account, and blog.

  2. Her twitter username was Next_Jennaration and the blog was . I don't remember what the link to her FB was and I can't find her anywhere on the site. Both of those come up as 'Page doesn't exist' for me though.

    That's not her twitter, is it? Otherwise I can't find a Next_Jennaration
    Also the blog doesn't show up for me, either :/

  4. That's sp fucked up! Dude I know your not crazy man, just keep cool and don't do anything stupid.
    Good luck with this "Him" or whatever...

  5. Ian, to get an idea of what Jenna might have been seeing, read these blogs:

    If what she was seeing was this Slender Man... That's not good. At all.