Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My shtuff

Heyo! So I woke up at 3 PM yesterday and had to rush to class so I didn't have time to post those pictures I promised. But today is a new day and I shall deliver on my promises!

All of these are from my drawing class. I have a few from my design classes I wanted to post but they're Adobe Illustrator files and I don't have Illustrator on this computer so I'm gonna have to convert them at school and then post 'em. ANYWAYS HERE WE GO!

That last one is a self portrait if anyone's curious. I've cut my hair since then though. 

Anyways that is that! I shall post a new lesson when I think of one! 

P.S - Has anyone heard of any kind of bad bug going around? My aforementioned girlfriend (her name's Jenna by the way) not only has insomnia now, but has a pretty bad cough and has been having wicked fever dreams whenever she does manage to fall asleep. If anyone knows of any such thing and of any cures please let me know!


  1. Afraid I'm not an art student - want to be a writer. Buuuut I thought those pictures look really awesome. Consider yourself followed.

    Er... what's the third one supposed to be?

    I'm always interested in dreams as well, as they can be freaky and awesome. Care to describe them for me, or is that a little too much of being a creepy blog stalker?

  2. Aloha first follower! Consider yourself a VIP member!

    The third one is an india ink drawing of some animal skull and then a mannequin leg. It was a still life my teacher set up.

    Uhhh as for the dreams, Jenna hasn't gone into much detail about her dreams, she just said they've been really freaky. I'll ask her though if she wouldn't mind going into more detail.

  3. VIP, eh? Well, well~

    And the fourth drawing?

    And that's fine, I completely understand if she'd rather not talk about them. Just thought I should ask.

  4. The fourth drawing is an abstraction of...something, I don't really remember. *shrug* I'll let you know about the dreams as soon as I talk to her.

  5. Well, I'm too lazy to try figuring out where you live, but I am from Michigan, and we've have whooping cough, also known as pertussis, circulating about this fine frigid season. It's highly contagious, and will exacerbate insomnia, let me tell you. So that MIGHT explain your g/fs coughing.

    Also, I'm an art-student too. I like your painting style, though I tend to be less of an abstract-artist. It makes me respect people who can achieve abstract all the more. Very nice~!

  6. Thanks Neoma, I'll look into that! And thank you as well for the positive feedback, these are mostly drawings though, not paintings :P