Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nothing strange

So as I said, I went to the park last night. Nothing really strange happened. Didn't find anything, see anything, feel anything, etc. Still have two more to check out though.

Oh and by the way, the reason I was asking about 'Him' wearing a hat...I had a weird dream the other night. There was this man standing and staring at me. It was dark and he I couldn't make out any details but he was tall and wearing a big gaucho hat and what looked like a duster of sorts. Nothing really happened, he just kinda stood there, but it freaked me out and I thought it might have been 'Him'. But it would appear that this was just a weird dream. I didn't really do too much research on 'Him' because one of the first things I read was that the more you know about 'Him', the more likely you are to become a victim. So maybe it was just my subconscious making up an image of him since I don't really know what he looks like. I don't know...I'm writing it off as just a dream.

I'm gonna go throw up now because my stomach has been giving me a hard time since I woke up. Blech. I'll tell you when I hit up the next park.

1 comment:

  1. Alright, just try not to wonder too much about Him...

    I'm interested in learning what you find out. Be sure to tell us in advance of you going to the next park.